• The long waited shoot at Duke tower

    I'm finally coming up for air now that I'm on summer break, and I'm so excited to finally upload these pictures from Duke Tower!

    Hilary Leister was our lovely model for the evening, and I'm so grateful that she offered to brave the cold for our shoot. As I explained in my last blog post, I've been wanting to shoot a model wearing a gown or something incredibly luxorious juxtoposed in an urban environment for quite some time, so finally making this photoshoot a reality was really exciting, especially seeing how well the photos turned out! 

  • Welcome!

    Welcome to L.E. Photography's new online home! I'll be updating this space with sneak-peaks, highlights from my work for Berklee-Blogs.com, and general thoughts on photography and the art of picture-taking. But until then, you can check out my flickr photostream for previous pictures and journals or read my mini blog, aka, twitter feed